Seven Seas Motors was born from a passion for bikes and a love of tracking down the elusive ones. Our sister company in Japan has been exporting bikes around the world for 20 years and when I moved back from 15 years of life in Japan, we decided to set up a UK operation through which to supply collectors, dealers and individuals who want to find the right bikes through a reliable source.

'If it's for sale in Japan, there's a pretty good chance we can get our hands on it.' We are at auctions, either in person or online, 5 days a week in Japan and we also have collectors traveling the country to find the right bikes. In addition, we have close ties to the United States and can acquire bikes from there. We are experts at sourcing, containerising and shipping bikes overseas and getting them through the import process over here.

Our Story

A word from Mark Gibson (UK Director).

I've spent 17 years in Asia, 15 of them in Japan, and I admit it is not a country that everyone finds easy to adapt to. Every country is unique, of course, but, perhaps due to its history and location, Japan is a little more unique than most!

In order to grow food and survive the natural disasters that frequently hit the islands, Japan developed a society that 'strongly encourages' cooperation and very hard work. This is something that some foreigners find a little hard to deal with. The benefits to us, however, are the 2-wheeled engineering marvels that the country has produced over the last 50 years.

When I moved back to the UK in 2015, it made sense to do something with my knowledge of Japan and passion for motorcycles. In partnership with our sister company, we hope to become known as a safe pair of hands for delivering quality machines and a reliable source of good information.



Miyajima, Hiroshima


We'd love to help you. Whether you are looking for a ride to take you to work, something for the weekend, a showstopper to take to, er, shows, or a regular supply of bikes for your shop, get in touch and we'll do whatever we can.