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Seven Seas Motors Customers' Testimonials

We love bikes and so do our customers so it is a pleasure to keep in touch with them. We love it when they are kind enough to share photos of their Seven Seas bikes out on adventures. Here are a selection. Be sure to come back soon - this page is always changing.

If you have bought a bike from us and would like to share a picture, we'd be delighted to see it. Please send it to sevenseasmotors.hub@gmail.com with a little detail about where the picture was taken.

Mike's TW225 relieved that the tent is up, phew !

Dave's Zoomer....one word....awesome !

Gordon's C90 is a very popular chap !

Andrew's 250TR, blending in with the vegetation

Ben's TDR250 "it's cracking !"

Mr Allens C90 in beautiful Devon

C50 2002 Ref 5041

John & Julie's Suzuki Across 250 at Langold Lake. Happy one year anniversary !

Jake Loves His Zoomer So Much It Has An Instagram Account, Wonderful !

Michael's C90, eager to set off on his next journey

Mr Whites Ttr Raid, Excellent Photo !

Austin's VRX400 touring Co. Limerick in the sunshine

Paul's Townmate Deluxe, lovely

Happy Shawn With His Gorgeous C90.

Richard's Serow looking very majestic

Mike's TW225 camping - here he is fully loaded

John's T90 is a suitably bucolic setting

Ruby's C90 finding peace in the countryside

David's SL230 bikes

Rodgers Super Sherpa on top of the world, wow

Here is Paul's newly delivered 250TR, what a beauty !

Chris's SL230, having fun off-road

Paul's RG250, stunning

Francesca has transformed her Virago into a custom masterpiece

Michaels C90 arriving for the BBQ party, he is a busy bike

Rodger's Super Sherpa, time to turn back !

Mike's Spacy & Cub posing at Humber Bridge

Gordon's C90 sunbathing with his chums after a busy day out

Michael's Giorno looking so good even the duck/goose/thing wants a look !

Mr Perkins Yamaha Gear, we had lots of interest from cows for our other Gears after this photo ! Great for getting around the farm

Rory taking his CD90 Benly for a walk

Kevin's TW200 having fun in the Cornish lanes

Jamie's TZR parked with his friend

Mike's C90 with his brother, they go everywhere together

Mr Burr's Zoomer, ready to roll. Looks amazing 

Keith's TS250 at Bloworth Crossing

Here is Mr Bink's C50, the bespoke front basket is very practical for every day use. Looks excellent.

Graham bought this TV175 from us in 2017, he owned the same model in the sixties and has restored his new purchase to the same brilliance ! Wow

Maisie's lovely ER-6N enjoying Yorkshire

Johns C50 with his Excelsior, the best of pals !

Andy's C90 sat with his friend, talking about the weather.....what else ?

David's Ape 50 in front of Llandegfedd reservoir

Allan's other XLR250 Baja enjoying the view too

Stuart and his Estrella (before lockdown) We will soon be free again !

Laren's F650GS

Chris's TW225, another stunning view

Robocop is admiring Matthews C90

Andy's Serow in a beautiful location

Andy's Serow in the Flatlands of Lincolnshire during Christmas week

This is the photo of Grahams TV175 now !

Mr Flynn is very happy with his Magna 250

John's Press Cub, the open road beckons....

Lawrence's 250TR with the road all to himself

David's TLR200, testing the suspension on the cobbles

Keith's Gyro Canopy.....you can't miss it !

George's CD125T, out with his mates in the sunshine

Mr Martin's Youdy Mini. Love At First Sight

Mike and his C50 making the most of lockdown

Barrys beautiful 250TR looking down the valley to Littondale

Harrys CC110 happy in Amsterdam

Rick's C50 looking like new !

Mark's Suzuki Address posing, what lovely colours

Chris's TW225 wow, what a view

Andrews three C50s on an adventure

Nunos R1Z looking cool in the sunshine

Johns Dt230 Lanza In The Alps, This Bike Has No Fear Of Heights !

Peter's C90 looking stunning, what a road surface !

Claire sent this photo of her MD50, looks amazing !

Johns Dt230 Lanza In The Southern Alps June 2023 - Another Amazing Adventure

Andy's C90 scaling the mountains near Mont Blanc

Davids Ape 50 keeping warm with his large friend

Brett's Dream 50 watching TV with his mates

Mr Coopers Tzm Telkor Expertly Restored, Awesome !

Allan's XLR250 Baja enjoying the view

Maartens CB1300 he loves his bike, it's awesome

R.f.'s Ct110 Enjoying The Devon Coastline

Darren's TLR200 at Fairy Bridge, Isle of Man.

Luke's CB400SS chilling in the sunshine

David's Serow - happy in the undergrowth

A Stunning Photo Of Bob's C50 In Warwickshire