Super rare 1971 Yamaha V90 ED

Privacy Notice Document

  1. Introduction:

I. We value your privacy as much as our own.

II. We only take the personal information required for transactions. We keep it safe and we don’t share or sell it.

III. This document outlines what data we need and how it is used.

IV. If you have any further questions contact us on 01924 911222 or email


  1. Who we are ?

The data controller is the Director of Seven Seas Motors Limited, Mark Gibson.  You can contact Mark by email:

  1. What information do we collect ?

I. We only collect the information required to process the sale and transfer of ownership of a sold vehicle. Details include:

II. Name of purchaser – required for the purchase invoice, contacting with updates and required for transfer of ownership through the DVLA

III. Address of purchaser – required for the purchase invoice, delivery and transfer of ownership through the DVLA

IV. Telephone number – required to contact the customer with updates or to pass to the delivery company for contact when onward transport has been booked

V. Email address – required to send the purchase invoice and to confirm the registration of the vehicle


VI. The above data is requested at the point of sale either verbally or by email directly from the customer, it is logged on a computer accounting system called Xero.  

VII. The only persons with access to the Xero system and the Seven Seas data therein are Seven Seas accountants.


VIII. Bank card information: If a deposit or payment is made by card then we request the following information:

IX. Card number, Security Code, Expiry date.  A copy of the receipt is emailed directly to the customer from the payment machine.

X. None of these details are kept, they are processed directly onto a secure paying device.


Finance requests

I. Requests for finance through Close Brothers are completed directly onto the Close Brothers website, the site is password protected and the details are not shared with anyone without the customer’s permission. (There is an option to share the details with other loan companies if Close Brothers are unable to assist).

II. We do state that the information required is detailed and ask if the customer wishes to proceed. The details are not kept on record at Seven Seas Motors Ltd.


  1. How do we use personal information ?

I. We use personal information as detailed above in point 3.

II. For invoicing purposes on Xero accounting software.

III. For delivery purposes

IV. For contacting customers with updates

V. For “Transfer of Ownership” of vehicles through the DVLA

VI. To request photographs of sold vehicles for our new website


  1. What Legal basis do we have for processing your personal data ?

I. Consent – customers have the right to withhold their details but this may not allow Seven Seas Motors to complete the process of the sale. ie “Transfer of Ownership”

II. Contract – we are required to raise an invoice for accounting purposes for each sale

III. Legitimate interests – In order to fulfil our sales contract we require the information requested.

IV. Legal Obligation – To provide details to our accountacts through the Xero accounting system for audit


  1. When do we share personal data ?

I. When a vehicle is being delivered to a customer, we share the full name of the customer, their address and telephone number with the courier.

II. Transfer of ownership through the DVLA so that the log book can be raised in the customer’s name.

III. Details shared are: Email address, Customer full name and address. 

IV. A copy of the “Transfer” is sent to the customer by email if an email address is available.


  1. Where do we store and process personal data ?


I. Data required by Seven Seas Motors is processed and stored on a UK based computer with virus protection.

II. This does not include Finance information which is stored by Close Brothers on their protected database or card payment details which are not stored.

III. A manual “Sold Vehicle Sheet” is kept in a secure office for processing with restricted access.

IV. The information on that sheet is: Customer name, address, telephone number and email address.

V. Sevens Seas Motors does not share or sell customer information to any other persons or Companies.


  1. How do we secure personal data ?

I. All data required by Seven Seas Motors is stored on a UK computer with a valid Firewall and Antivirus Software.


  1. How long do we keep your personal data for ?

I. Data will be securely stored for the legally required length of time which is 6 years.

II. After that time documentation will be destroyed in a correct manner leaving no evidence of the information.


  1. Your rights in relation to personal data

I. Customers reserve the right to withhold any information they do not wish to supply. However, this may cause problems with the processing of their sale.


  1. How to contact us ?

i. If you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices, use of your personal information, or if you wish to file a complaint then please contact the office by email explaining the matter in full to: