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Seven Seas Motors FAQ'S

What is NOVA?

I. NOVA stands for Notification of Vehicle Arrivals. Whenever a road going vehicle is imported to the UK, the NOVA department of HMRC have to be provided with data regarding that vehicle - VIN, mileage, import date etc. Once that has been prvided and they are happy that import duty and VAT has been paid, they issue a NOVA number. When you go to register that vehicle with DVLA, DVLA check the NOVA database to ensure that the vehicle in question has a NOBVA number. No imported vehicle can be registered without this. We put all our vehicles through the NOVA system within a fortnight of the ship docking in the UK.

Can I get parts for my vehicle?

I. This somewhat depends on the vehicle in question but in general the answer is yes if you have purchased it from us. If there are parts that are not available in the UK but are in Japan we can source them. We have a staff of about 45 people in three locations in Japan so we are usually able to find the part and either fly it in or send it in a container. Please note we are primarily a vehicle importer, not a parts importer so we are not able to supply parts to the general public.

Do you deliver?

I. For motorcycles in the UK we usually deliver ourselves or use a specialist motorcycle delivery firm. For overseas shipping, the method of shipment would depend on the country but we can get bikes anywhere in the world. 

How long does registration take and how much does it cost?

I. Our bikes are sold unregistered but we offer a registration service and register about 90% of them on behalf of customers. To do this we need to obtain a dating certificate from a DVLA accredited dating office, MOT, registration with DVLA and a plate. All this comes to £165 and usually takes about 6 weeks. (We have no influence over DVLA so this time frame is only a guideline.) 

Do you offer a warranty?

I. Most of our motorcycles come with a three month warranty. The exceptions to this are the project bikes, bikes sold "as is" and vintage bikes. If you are unsure of the warranty status, please ask.

Can I ride a moped on my car license?

I. You do not need to take compulsory basic training (CBT) to ride a moped if you passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001. You’ll still need to complete CBT to ride a motorbike, however. For more details please see DVLA guidelines.

How can I insure my vehicle?

I. There are a number of options for insuring a motorcycle. Many of our customers have existing policies to which new bikes can be added.

II. Many of our motorcycle customers use Our dealer reference number is G4217

III. Other insurers are available.